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Arzni sanatorium

Arzni sanatorium

Kkotayk Region | Arzni
Arzni Village has a mild dry climate with cold-winters having average temperature in January = (-5°C); cool and pleasant summers in July the average temp = (+22°C); and it has long warm autumns (falls). The annual sunny days are about 2236 hours. The number of sunny days in Arzni exceeds the ones in any other Covcas health spas. The air pressure is relatively stable and it varies around 657-mm of Hg mark. The effectiveness of "Arzni-mineral-waters" has been known from millenniums. The Spa's fundamental curing effects lie in the mineral waters, which contain carbohydrates --- chlorides ---sodium hydrocarbons, as well as the mountainous climatic conditions with low atmospheric pressures. The mineral waters of Arzni, which contain carbonic gas (1.25 - 2.0 G/L) & mineral elements (8 - 10 G/L) are the main factors in enlargement of the vessels feeding the heart & the brain.

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